Operating Principles for Impact Management - Disclosure

Operating Principles for Impact Management - Disclosure

BIO is a signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management. These provide a reference point against which the impact management systems of funds and institutions may be assessed. They draw on emerging best practices from a range of asset managers, asset owners, asset allocators, and development finance institutions.

2020 Growing Impact

The principles

  1. Define strategic impact objective(s), consistent with the investment strategy.
  2. Manage strategic impact on a portfolio basis.
  3. Establish the Manager's contribution to the achievement of impact.
  4. Assess the expected impact of each investment, based on a systematic approach.
  5. Assess, address, monitor, and manage potential negative impacts of each investment.
  6. Monitor the progress of each investment in achieving impact against expectations and respond appropriately.
  7. Conduct exits considering the effect on sustained impact.
  8. Review, document and improve decisions and processes based on the achievement of impact and lessons learned.
  9. Publicly disclose alignment with the Principles and provide regular independent verification of the alignment.

The Disclosure Statement applies to all assets under BIO management. The total assets managed in alignment with the Principles equal to €1,016 million as of December 31, 2019.